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By krajzeg on Aug 13th, 2016

Updated on Aug 14th, 2016 


Controls: Arrow keys - for moving around, O - for stabbing things and controlling menus, X - for blocking things that try to stab you, hold O - for a super-charged attack, double tap direction - for dashing to safety.

So, this is The Lair, a PICO-8 fantasy beat'em up that I've been working on and tweeting about since forever. Try it and let me know what you think!

It's also  on and Kongregate if you prefer to play there.

The whole game was made by two people: @gruber_music, who provided (you guessed it) the audio parts, and me, who provided... everything else ;).

The whole thing is CC to encourage you to do whatever you want with it, but the PNG version is unfortunately minified, so I made a readable .p8 file available as well :).

Have fun!