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By Shogal on Dec 9th, 2016

Updated on Dec 27th, 2016 


There are lot of Battle City clones exist in this world. This one is Pico-8 port, made by me just for fun.

Version 0.2:
- Fixed lot of bugs.
- Normal music and sfx. Some sfx (tanks explosions) are not so good because NES noise channel differs from Pico noise and cannot be made with Pico.
- Different role for shooting buttons: rapid and single.
- Level selection at the start, score screen at the and of each stage.
- Hard mode after stage 70, enemy tanks have all advantages of basic 4 tank types.

Version 0.1:
- Core game for 1 or 2 players
- Original 35 levels (after level 35 they start to repeat like in original game)
- Random mode, which generates every level from random nine pieces of existing levels
- Progress automatically saves between levels, you can reset cart and continue later, but erases on gameover, like in rogue-like games. May be useful on random mode, if generated level is impossible.

To do:
- Maybe implement some features from chinese '1990 tank' hack
- Maybe storyline between levels
- Feature requests are welcome