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Zen-Garden Mowerman

By 2darray Published on Oct 26th, 2016 Last updated on Oct 29th, 2016

Submit a high score screenshot in the comments to get your time and username included in the level select screen!

Version 1.0

1.  Two new levels
2.  Scene transitions
3.  Added titles for levels
4.  "Congrats" and "return to menu" messages after victory
4.  Little menu updates

Don't think I'm making any more changes to the game for a while (unless you submit a high score, in which case I'll put your time/username in the level selection screen)

Version 0.4

Various changes:

1.  Two songs and mowing sfx by David Carney/DVGMusic (we're long-time collaborators!)
2.  Two new levels
3.  Main menu renders thumbnails of level layouts
4.  Basic pause menu options (restart level + return to menu)

Feel free to post a high score image for any level in the comments - I'll put your score/username in the level selector.

Version 0.3
No gameplay changes this time, but I added a faux-3D stick figure dude to push the mower around.  I like him.  He's got little nubs for feet, and he sways around with the movement controls a bit.

(Also I removed that "dark pixel" thing from the spray particles, to save some performance.)

Version 0.2
Small update.  Better update soon.

1.  Main menu with world record shoutout
2.  Grass is now green/yellow instead of orange/pink
3.  Round starts with the player at the bottom, timer doesn't start until you move
4.  Nicer spray particles (dark pixel added below particle position, in certain cases)
5.  Changed the title

Version 0.1
I saw "Advanced Mower Simul8or" by deKay and remembered that I've been vaguely interested in making a little lawn-mowing game for a while now.  There are aspects of lawn-mowing that I think are weirdly satisfying, and I wanna capture some of those things.  Pico8 feels like the perfect place for this type of stuff.

You play as Mowerman, who is a lawn mower.  Mow every pixel of the lawn.  There's no fancy victory announcement or startup countdown yet, but your timer locks in when you're done.