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By Eduardolicious Published on Jun 11th, 2016 Last updated on Aug 26th, 2016

LAST UPDATE maybe: minor fixes and controller changes for more compatibility, see this post for the rundown

UPDATED UPDATE: 2.0 with automap and tons of other changes! See this post for details

UPDATE: 1.1 RELEASE! See my post somewhere down below detailing what's new/changed

What started as an attempt to recreate a Wizardy-style dungeon crawl sorta morphed/evolved into it's own thing. So, now it's Wizardish!

- eight 16x16 dungeons
- grid-based movement/turn-based combat system
- four selectable characters with various stats/perks
- chests with gold, potions, and maybe a trap
- full UI with message system, stats, step tracking, and time played
- cartdata for highest loot run
- sounds by me, music by 0xabad1dea
- more stuff that i'm probably forgetting

Everything is complete at this point and I'm pretty happy with it all (other than the incredibly ugly monster sprite. I don't know how anyone here makes the amazing pixel art they do). I am curious about balance/difficulty though..I can complete the game with all four classes, but I'm not sure how much of that is down to me having drawn the maps lol. Would be very interested in everyone's feedback for possible rebalancing

thanks to 0xabad1dea for the Castle Ruins tune posted originally at it was a really great fit and makes the whole thing feel way more professional than it should


original WIP post below:

Mostly posting this here just so I don't lose it if my hard drive dies or something lol. But also interested in feedback if anyone sees any weird mistakes with the wall drawing logic.

Got an itch to play Wizardry I again, then while I was farting around with it realized it's pretty basic to replicate the 'engine' all things considered. Started messing around with it and a day or so later here I am. Probably going to keep working on this and make an actual game out of it..just need to decide if i want to go with handcrafted maps/scenarios or something randomized. We'll see!

As it stands now you can walk around with the arrow keys, and your scroll will update with info anytime something is in the same block as you (and eventually scroll out). Nothing actually interactable yet, no fights etc.