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Wandering Magic - 3CJAM Demo Version

By Overkill Published on Oct 31st, 2017

This is my WIP cart for Wandering Magic, a little ys-like action rpg I was working on for #3cjam.

I ran out of time for the Jam deadline, but I tried to submit a playable work-in-progress. It will sort of abruptly end once you complete a specific quest, but the game up to that point should be playable.

O (Z on keyboard) = opens the menu
X (X on keyboard) = use magic attack (if you have it)

The Great Fiend has returned, and you need to stop them before it's too late. Along the way, you fight monsters, meet various people who will help you on your travels.

Walk into enemies to use your melee attack.
Defeating enemies gives you money to buy new items.
If you defeat enough enemies you will level up, which also restores your HP and gradually gives you small stat boosts.
Buy items to increase your attack and defense.
Be ready to use cure potions during battles and save often.
This is a bit more of an RPG than an action game, so evading attacks while important isn't the only key to survival. Boosting your attack/defense and healing is required to progress.

Anyway, I hope to release a more complete version some day, I just ran out of time for this jam. Hope you enjoy!