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By Bibiki Published on Dec 16th, 2016 Last updated on Jan 8th, 2017

VOID is an arcade game where you have to collect as many stars as you can while avoiding the enemies falling in the void! You have to beat all the 10 levels to become a winner!

This is my first game ever. I'm a composer, but I've been always interested in making games, so this week I tried out PICO8 and I started learning programing. And I have to say that I'm really loving it!

I'd like to continue learning new stuff, so I will try to update this game from time to time adding maybe new obstacles, power ups, new functions...

I'd be happy to read feedback from you or any thought you have.




- Game finished after some bug fixes and polishing.

Thank you for all your support!


- Delete 2 player mode because it was only a testing work. If I ever do a versus mode I will do it properly.
- Added levels to the game. You start in level one and have to reach and win level 10. You win a level reaching 100 points.
- Each level is more difficult due to an increase of the enemies spawn rate.
- In level 10 you have to win avoiding the boss lasers. (Boss is the player2 of the versus mode.
- If you win level 10, you win the game.
- Added new victory sfx.
- Fixed some miscelanious bugs.


- Change menu names for 2 modes: Arcade and Versus.
- Change player controls. Now player 2 moves with S and F, instead of Z and X.
- Added a timer so you have to wait 1 sec before you can press a mode after you finish playing.
I did it because it was easy to press Z or X without taking it in mind.
- Minor fixes.


- Fixed Energy spawn rate to make it spawn every X seconds, instead of a random value.
- Added a different speed rate to the enemy to make the gameplay more interesting. (Thanks "EatMoreCheese" for the idea!)
- Slow the overall enemy speed to make the game easier at first stage.
- Added speed up power up that lasts 3 seconds.
- Added rainbow particles to player 1 (we must fight the void bro!)
- New energy sprite.
- New enemy sprite (let's call it Void Eye! :P).
- Added a 2 players mode! The 2 player is an enemy ship that can move only left and right and will shot each sec.
If player 1 achieve 100 points, he wins. If not, player 2 (the enemy ship) wins.
Player 2 moves with Z and X.
- New win sound for 2 players mode.


- First prototype of the game.