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Violence House

By bab_B Published on Nov 9th, 2016

Fight your way through the violence house and defeat the master of violence. Can you survive the violence? Warning: contains blood and violence.

This ended up evolving into my first real pico-8 game, even though it started as more of an experiment. It's basically a standard beat 'em up where you're trying to progress through a house filled with dudes who are trying to kill you. I think Splatterhouse was my main inspiration here, since it was the only real beat 'em up I played as a kid. Anyway, it's essentially feature-complete, but really poorly balanced and without a lot of polish. Not to mention short. But I learned a ton while writing it, and that's the important thing.

-Five unique weapons (they vary not only in damage but in cooldown time and knockback force)
-Six unique-ish enemies
-Seven stages of brutal combat
-One brutal boss battle
-Frustratingly sparse health pickups