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Video Poker

By kittenm4ster Published on May 24th, 2015 Last updated on Apr 11th, 2018

Standard 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker


Controls should hopefully be straightforward (directional buttons and primary action button, e.g. Z), with the following notes:
-Press up to scroll up to the pay table above the play area.
-Secret quick-draw feature: After holding, you may press the secondary action button (e.g. X) to instantly "draw"

Note: This game makes use of audio/video synchronization (particularly in the intro) that seems to not work very well on the web version (on my computer at least; maybe you will have better results) and it looks/sounds way better if you run it in the native PICO-8 client.

Good luck :)

EDIT 2015-06-11: Updated for PICO-8 0.1.1 compatibility
EDIT 2017-06-16: Fixed coin-count display bug, adjusted several sfx volumes to avoid distortion