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By matthias Published on Jun 14th, 2018 Last updated on Oct 20th, 2018

A puzzle platformer by Matthias Falk, made in 5 days.

The only thing you can do is jump - is that enough to climb a mountain?

Some stats:

  • 6613/8192 tokens used (did some refactoring near the end since code wouldn't have fit otherwise)
  • nearly full tilesheet/map used

This is my first PICO-8 game, I hope you like it.

You can also support and download the game via

Updated to v1.1 with following changes:

  • Save game: Game will now autosave each level and you can quit/resume the game any time now at the point you left off.
  • Mouse/touch controls: Game can now be fully controlled via mouse/touch (also added small clickable reset button, in case player gets stuck). Since the game has always been a one-tap game, we now have a mobile-ready PICO platformer!
  • Difficulty curve: made some adjustments in the first few screens to make difficulty curve a bit less steep.
  • More changes: Made bullet hitboxes more accurate and thus a little bit more foregiving.