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Underworld Siege

By Benjamin Soulé Published on Aug 23rd, 2015

Lumdum Dare Page

<z> Open / Close The SHop
<x> Swap to the next alive monster

Hello all ! This is my entry for Ludum Dare 33
I had a lot of problem with the gameplay of this one and I also hit the tokens limit faster than I expected.
I still managed to make something playable. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Since it's ludumdare I guess I wont update this one unless if some gamebreaking bugs are found.

Because I had to remove most of the ingame help to gain some space for late code you should REALLy read this before play :

Goblin : Fast and weak. The only monster who can carry gold and orbs.
Orc : Solid. Can dig faster than goblin
Skeleton : Slow but revive really fast.
Ghost : Hit hard and can't be targeted by projectiles. Can walk throught walls
Zombi : Durable but sluggish.
Dragon : Awesome at kicking heroes ass

Adventurer: Spirited and young enough to die.
Mage : Fire one deadly fireball
Knight : Hit hard and live long.
Thief : Picklock any door and move quickly
Archer : Fire up to 3x arrows

ITEMS : ( designed for heroes only, yeah...too bad )
Sword: Improve hero's attack
Meat : Improve hero's resistance
Boots : Improve hero's speed
Key : Open one door.
Spell : add one fireball spell
Gold pile : hero will steal 3 gold from your treasure

- Each time you move the tempo bar decrease
- When 0 is reached the next event occurd
Event Hero : a hero will be added to the party
Event Raid : the party will attack the dungeon
Event Item : an item will spawn in the dungeon.

- Only dirt can be digged
- Orc dig faster than goblins
- Each time a dirt square have two open neighbours, it changes to a wall.
- It wont apply if the two open neighbours are very distant allowing you to create loops
- Items will tends to spawn in deadends. Create some to make item defense easier.

- Find gold by digging tunnels ( you should use orc for this )
- Grab gold and bring it to the the master with goblins
- If your dungeon contain the treasure items, protect it or heroes will steal your gold

- Can be opened/closed with <z> key
- Shop content is randomly generated each game.
- You can recycle shop content with the central slot
- Recycle price decrease each time you buy something