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Tube Runner

By minsoft Published on Feb 15th, 2018


Fly through the tunnel as fast as possible avoiding the walls. The tunnel is divided in to Zones, with four Quadrants per zone. Each zone is progressively longer and more difficult than the previous, with sharper turns, more turns, and narrower sections.

Each quadrant has a time limit - note that this is not the time limit that the quadrant must be completed in, but the time until your ships engine power is cut (T+ engine shut-off). Engine power is required for anti-gravity and maneuvering as well as if the time runs out your hope lies in gliding (or sliding!) to the finish. As quadrants advance, the time limit becomes stricter. Note that your progress in the quadrant is indicated by the right hand HUD gauge.

Hitting walls will slow you down, and reduce the energy of the ship (indicated by gauge on left hand side of HUD). Energy will be slowly replenished during the period of flying through the 'safe section' at the end of each ZONE (grey section with orange stripes). If energy becomes fully depleted the ship will fail and you will lose a life. Similarly, failure to complete a quadrant in time will cost a life. You begin the game with three lives, indicated by the three red lights on the left hand side of the dashboard.

Points are continuously awarded for progress, with a bonus for completing each quadrant (unless T+ shutdown occurs). Additional ships can be unlocked by making progress in the game. Faster ships will yield higher scores than slower ones.


Insert Coin = Up / GPIO input (defaults to free play so not required!)
U/D - pitch
L/R - roll
(O)/(X) - yaw
(O)+(X) - brake


  • Learn to use the controls! You will need to use and know when to use roll and yaw most effectively.
  • Brake just before / during the 'charge section' at the end of each zone (grey section with orange stripes) to have more time to charge energy.
  • Aside from the above, don't brake!

DIP Switches (menu items)

NOTE altering these will reset game!

CREDITS: FREE (default) / UP / GPIO
GPIO OUTPUTS: OFF (default) / ON