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The Wee Dungeon

By Parlor Published on Feb 17th, 2016 Last updated on Apr 1st, 2016

A game about impractical architecture.

I wanted to see if I could make big levels by randomly connecting 16x16 tile chunks. If I can manage to optimize this thing a little bit, I'd like to add more items, monsters and map bits and consider adding local co-op (that would be pushing it, token-wise).

There are a few collision issues that might cause game-breaking failures.

In any event, I learned a ton. I'd love to hear what you guys think of it!

Quick Update: I removed some of the background clutter.  It felt way too busy.

z - attack
x - shield (if you have one)
left and right - move
up - jump
down - enter open doors

w - attack
q - shield (if you have one)
s and f - move
e - jump
d - enter open doors

-skeletons now have shields
-skeletons will now stop, attack and block instead of just running around
-added red slimes that are slightly tougher for some variety

-I've improved the collisions (still needs work!), so hopefully the player can't escape in ways they're not meant to.
-if item drops do manage to fly out of the map, they're destroyed instead of crashing the game
-player now only lunges forward during an attack if they are also defending (shield out)
-player continues to face the enemy if they are knocked back
-I reorganized a lot of the code and managed to shrink my token use from 7933 to 7018, so I've got more room to build new stuff. Still considering local 2player co-op
-Boom. The Pico-8 is rad.

-I've added some new equipment
-fixed the player shield
-added code to start thinking about local co-op, but I'll have to consider some kind of new HUD to show both players equipment and health. If you want to mess with the early implementation, uncomment the init_object(player, 24, 112) functions on lines 742 and 754

-tons of new stuff!
-still tweaking the collision detection against objects!
-local co-op!
-10 new map chunks!
-including new graveyard areas!
-some new equipment!
-exclamation points!

Unless any crazy bugs pop up that I just have to fix, I'll probably fill up the space I've saved for equipment, update the HUD and Death screens to work with 2 players and call this thing completed.

-I think The Wee Dungeon now contains everything I'd hoped to implement. Time for a new project!

-Maybe I lied about being done. Been thinking about the game and how much more I can squeeze into it
-hitpoints are shown on attacks
-there's now a progression to item drops, so you don't pick up weaker equipment
-spikes don't kill you immediately anymore if you have equipment (otherwise they do)
-added a few enemies
-probably created a few more bugs, we'll see!

-inching ever closer to the token limit, i fixed the kickback that happens when you're touched by a monster.

After looking through one more time, I'm calling the Wee Dungeon done!

revised the unfair trap room.

--Thanks as always for looking! Any and all feedback is most appreciated.