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The Invincible Run-Gun-Bot

By guerragames Published on Feb 23rd, 2018 Last updated on Mar 2nd, 2018

Run-Gun-Bot is on a top-secret mission and nobody can stop him. He'll rampage through a maze-like world filled with bad guys and hazards. Uncover the mysteries of his mission as you collect gun power-ups and coins.


  • z = shoot active weapon, hold to stand your ground and shoot in-place
  • x = jump
  • duck + left/right = switch to the previous/next weapon (can also switch through the pause menu)

Weapon-specific Instructions:

  • Green: bouncy grenades, destroys dirty blocks, useful for shooting from above
  • Brown: machine gun, not very strong, shoots super fast, hold forward as you release the z button for a fast dash forward. Used to get across large chasms by jumping and dashing forward in mid-air.
  • Red: rocket gun, slow rate, strong power, destroys breakable stone blocks, shoot in mid-air to act as a double jump
  • Orange: flame thrower, short distance, high rate, strong power, destroys bramble blocks, hold the z button in mid-air to trigger stalled descent
  • Blue: ice gun, regular rate, gravity curved shooting, cools off lava blocks
  • Pink: bubblegum gun, slowest rate, big and powerful, absorbs enemy bullets, player touching bullets causes player to get launched upward
  • ???

This game is a tribute to some of my favorite NES classics including (among others): Mega Man, Contra, Blaster Master & Metroid.

Update 1.01:

  • Fixed some level layouts that were causing slight confusion on some playthroughs.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
  • Added a "reset game+!?" to the main menu: restarts the game in a mirrored version of the game map, including a different ending. Post a screenshot once you get it. :)