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By guerragames Published on Oct 28th, 2016 Last updated on Nov 7th, 2016

Blast off and strike the evil green legion of mutating ships from outer-space!

- Move your main ship around with the arrow keys.
- Shoot with <z>.
- Holding <z> makes your ship go slower.
- Once you level up and gain extra ships you can do a power attack with <x>.
- Power attacks deal a lot of damage and clears all enemy bullets but it takes a while for the extra ship to cool-down and be useful again.
- Extra ships follow you around shooting forward.
- If your main ship gets destroyed, the next extra ship becomes your new main ship in its place.
- In short the extra ships are: lives, bombs and helpers in one.

- Lots. Of. Bullets!
- Randomized procedurally generated enemies, mini-bosses and end-level bosses.  Every play-through is different.
- 1 bullet hits the enemy = 1 experience point. Each experience level reached makes your ship more powerful by giving you one of these: extra-ships, increased bullet shooting rate or increased power attack and lower cool-downs.
- No penalty in death. You keep your experience points and experience level, you just restart the current level.
- 10 different levels and infinite new game pluses with increased difficulty.

- Shooters: Zanac, R-Type, Gradius, Cave Shmups, Recca, Raiden, 1942.
- Others: Metroid, Cookie Clicker, RPGs.
- Excellent Pico-8 Shooters: Astero, They Started It, Invader Overload, Buzzkill.

This has been my most ambitious Pico-8 game yet and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have... also, I'm interested to see how far people get on the game.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to everyone on the pico-8 community for the help, encouragement and awesome little code snippets!  I <3 Pico-8!