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By usr_share Published on May 13th, 2016 Last updated on Jun 11th, 2016

Inspired by the PicoMino game, I decided to create my own attempt at replicating the famous Russian puzzle game.

Pretty much all the expected functionality is available, such as 1- and 2-player gameplay, preliminary sound and graphical effects, level (garbage height) and speed selection, etc.


The game provides two modes: A (endless) and B (25 lines).

In the A mode, the game continues until any of the players top out (until the game can't put a new piece on top of the playfield).
In a 2-player game, the surviving player is declared the winner.

In the B mode, the game also ends if the player eliminates 25 lines of blocks.
In a 2-player game, the player who manages to do so first is declared the winner.

When playing a 2-player game in any of the modes, elimination of more than one line will also send one fewer line of "garbage" to the other player, which will rise from the bottom of their playfield as soon as they put down a block. However, the players can defend against oncoming garbage if their current piece eliminates some lines, too. Each line removed prevents a garbage line from appearing. The amount of garbage lines the player is about to receive is shown as a blinking line saying "+1L" (or more) on top of their playfield.


left/right/down - move piece
up - drop piece immediately
(Z) - rotate counterclockwise
(X) - rotate clockwise


On the "copyleft" screen, press the following buttons in order. If you pressed them correctly, you should hear a short sound. If you made a mistake, press the ✕ button and try again. The screen stays on for 5 seconds.

LEFT, RIGHT, ◯, ◯ - Use a modern style randomizer.
◯, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN - Draw a "shadow" at the spot where the piece will fall.

To play at speeds 10~19, hold LEFT while selecting between 1 and 2 player modes.


- Add any missing sound effects and two more music tracks



- Divided score variables in two to avoid overflow
- Set a hard cap on all scores (999999)
- Tweaked the interface to allow for scores higher than 99999.