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Tera: Mind Over Matter

By tesselode Published on Feb 7th, 2019 Last updated on Feb 17th, 2019



Tera: Mind Over Matter is a modern puzzle action game about dropping blocks of different shapes to clear lines. The game has a rapid difficulty curve that emphasizes speed and accuracy. Get as many Teras as you can!


Left/right - shift pieces left and right
Down - soft drop
Up - hard drop (locking behavior can be changed in options)
Z/X - rotate pieces (direction can be changed in options)
Z+X - hold piece


v1.1 | 2/17/19

  • Fixed incorrect spawn delay curve which caused pieces to stop spawning at high levels
  • Score display is no longer limited to 4 digits
  • Time display is now minutes:seconds

v1.0 | 2/7/19

  • Initial release