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By impbox Published on Jul 29th, 2015 Last updated on May 7th, 2017


Finally fixed the map issue from changes in Pico8 and fixed the 10 minute game freeze bug.
Some dialog stuff and fixed a bunch of bugs, cabins now work and there are caves you can rest in.

How to survive your first day:

  • When you wash up you're nearly dead, hungry, tired, and exhausted.
  • Your health will drop if any statuses (hungry,tired,exhausted,cold) are in the red.
  • Resting while your statuses are ok will restore health
  • Quickly drink some water from your flask. (x -> items -> flask -> drink)
  • Find some fruit/berries and pick them then eat them.
  • Salvage wood from your boat, and chop down another tree and get the logs
  • Build a shelter, eat, drink and rest, stay warm
  • After this, focus on finding freshwater (it has white sparkles) so you can drink and fill your flask
  • Then try and find some stone and build a cabin which will replenish your stamina fully
  • Build bridges to new areas


  • Day night cycle
  • Weather
  • Temperature (it's colder at night and when it's raining, stay warm in your shelter/cottage)
  • Simple menu system
  • Procedurally generated world
  • Bridge building
  • Building wells that fill with water when it rains
  • Plants grows overnight while you're resting
  • In progress
    • Farms and farming


  • Fishing minigame
  • Wild animals and fences to keep safe
  • Disallow some stuff at night to incentivise you to work during the day

I suspect code size optimisation will be quite critical =\