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Super Poulet Poulet

By Retsyn Published on Sep 1st, 2015 Last updated on Sep 7th, 2015

This game is now what I had hoped it would be!  Big thanks to the community for the art advice, and code fixes, and honest opinions.

Button 1 to jump
Button 2 to peck

The regular peck strikes at an angle and give Poulet greater velocity, to allow jumping father.  HOLD UP while pecking to do a "soft" peck, where your regular jump arc is not changed, for precise and controlled attacks.  HOLD DOWN while pecking to do a vertical peck, to avoid flying off a ledge during an attack.

Every third balloon popped has a prize-- the first prize is a TOQUE, which lets Poulet take one hit before defeat.  If you have your Toque when you collect yet another prize, then you get HOTSAUCE which turns Poulet into HOTWINGS! who is an INVINCIBLE FLAMING DEATH BIRD

Killing blows struck consecutively without hitting the ground will give you a score multiplier.  Same goes for when using Hotwings.

Enjoy!  Right now, the high score is 639200!  

Thanks again to Pizza and Innomin and of course Zep, and the whole community.