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Super PICO Runner Brothers

By gfcarstensen Published on Oct 5th, 2016 Last updated on Oct 10th, 2016

Improved collision detection with enemies- now uses standard bounding rect (as opposed to a single pixel check)

Added flag pole and fireworks at end. Minor level updates.

* Upgraded win level music

* Now with updated sound and music

Super PICO Runner Brothers allows you to play as four familiar characters and complete a single stage runner competing for a high score. Complete the level, gain points, and repeat at faster speeds.

This started as a quick experiment with PICO-8, thanks to the fanzine, second edition where you'll see the art I used for the game characters.

Press left and right arrows to select your character, and Z or the fire button to start. Then when playing using left and run to speed up and slow down, and either up or fire to jump. Hold for longer jumps.

Good luck, I've only made it half-way through level 2 myself, but I expect it should be reasonable to make it through well into level 3 or 4 where the speeds probably become prohibitive beyond that.