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By Aphrodite Published on Feb 12th, 2017


This is my first real project on the Pico-8, it is a pretty simple game (kind of a 1 input game), based off rotation mechanics, it's pretty rudimentary yet I tried (and probably failed ^^'') to have a clean code, it has 31 one screen levels and uses the full tilemap space availiable on the cartridge, the code contains multiple functions, categorized under "level status", "drawing functions", "motion functions", "collision functions", and "game loop" (_init, _update and _draw). Even though the difficulty curve is kind of a fail I consider this game to be finished.


Use (X) or (O) to change the rotation, and try to get to the end of the level (green square).


-The arrows tiles will move the squid/ball if the ball is in contact with them (square collision check);
-If the lower part of the squid touches a green square, the level is won;
-If the lower part of the squid is over a pit, you lose, there are however unlimited lives.


The levels are drawn in the tilemap area, however the player and ball initial positions, as well as the rotation speed and the attraction speed of the arrows and the level title are defined in the initiatelevels function (level 0 is the informations of the titlescreen and does not count as a real level), there are 31 levels, I'll introduce the first seven ones (I may edit this post if someone wants me to do a description of the other levels):

1.go to the green area: this level is quite simple, even though the ball rotates quite fast, pretty straightforward.
2.purple tiles affect the ball: this level introduces the arrows tile, the attract value is high enough to show the power they can have.
3.the tentacles are what count: in this one, which is pretty easy, the title gives you the info that it is not the full sprite of Squiddy that interacts with the holes and the green area, but the tentacles/lower part.
4.keep focus: pretty easy level, nothing much to say.
5.spooky scary skull: the first "not so easy" level, it is also a reference to "scary spooky skeletons". it a s or a 5, who knows?: another easy level, that shows that you can be helped by the arrows too. not move: an automatic level, because why not ^^.

As you will see, there are some references to other games thrown in there, and sometimes just random things I thought of.

Why this game as a first game?

Because I liked this mechanic when I first did it but could never actually do it in a full game, I thought "why not do it in pico?"

Can I borrow the graphics, sound effects, mechanics, and other things?

Of course you can, even though the licence implies that you must not use this game for commercial purpose and that you need to credit me, I accept gladly that you can utilise it for those purposes without credits if you do enough changes for it to not be the same exact game (I should say don't just reskin it for exemple, but in the end just don't be a idiot and I will be fine).

Have fun playing/modifying the source ^-^.