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Spaceman Splorf : Planet of Doom

By Roysterini Published on May 25th, 2018

Hello, I did post this up at the end of 2017, but decided to remove it partly due to imposter syndrome and partly because it just didn't work too well under iOS.

Anyway, I've had a change of heart and have decided to put this up again.

Thanks to Vanja and Andreas of Pond software for allowing me to make and share this Pico-8 interpretation of their 8-bit C64 game. (Find it here: http:// )

Also, a special mention must go to Paul Nicholas (@liquidream), who helped me solve some nasty bugs, Chris Donnelly (@gruber_music) for the awesome music/sound, Morgan McGuire (@casualeffects) who supplied me with some great particle code to play with. Also Justin Ray (@designinvan) and Urban Monk.

I hope some of you enjoy this simple little highscore chaser game.


X - to thrust or start game.
Z - for credits, story and info. (on title screen).

That's it.