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Space Delivery

By PixelCod Published on Aug 19th, 2016 Last updated on Feb 15th, 2017

Update 1.5! - Music, Mines and Mayhem!

I've been working hard lately on some of my current projects and finally got around to updating Space Delivery! This time round I've added in enemy mines that you need to dodge whilst collecting and delivering packages around the map. On top of this, the player can now get a GAME OVER screen when they die and strive to beat that high-score! I've also worked on ironing out lots of bugs and improving the overall graphical fidelity of the game.

As always, community feedback is much appreciated and has a big impact on the final result. Any suggestions, constructive criticism (or just criticism) about the game are more than welcome!

-Added bad music
-Added a deadly space mine enemy
-Added a game over screen
-Added high-score functionality
-Added a black border around text for better readability
-Added a particle system for creating explosions + smoke
-Added sprite frame animation support
-Added more asteroid islands
-Optimised some functions
-Players now gain 2 health whenever they deliver a package
-Changed the package sprite to a more traditional box

14724_11.png [8x8]

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Land / Take-off

Follow the arrow to collect and deliver packages. Land on the delivery zone to deliver a package.