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Soviet Supremacy Game

By Skalli Published on Feb 25th, 2017


You are an honorable factory worker and member of the socialist party. You have to sort really important blocky things or else you will be a replaced by a much more productive comrade. To maximize your motivation we've arrested your family (and pets) in our socialist holiday camp (prison). Make the nation proud!


Up - Instant drop
Left - Move block left
Right - Move block right
Down - Fast drop

x - rotate right
o - rotate left

s - mute music
d - restart music
f - change music

tab - change blocks


This is a straightforward tetris clone with good playability at faster speed levels in mind. For example, the key cooldown gets smaller when you advance levels. It has got 3 music tracks (and a secret one) so you don't get too bored too easily. Fleshing out appealing aesthetics was quite tricky and this thing took me overall about a week. The score calculation and game speed is quite equal to the original Tetris, I changed the response time of the controls a bit to my liking, but somebody who knows the original should feel immediately at home :-)