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Slay the Dragon

By nephilim Published on Jan 21st, 2017 Last updated on Jan 23rd, 2017

A dragon has been terrorizing the kingdom! Will you be the one to slay it?

In this "slot-builder" game, you spin the slot wheels and choose a row.

You can then use the icons on the row in whatever order you please. Coins can be picked up and used with a merchant to buy new spaces on your wheels. The merchant will sell you bigger and better coin choices, wizards that can destroy slot wheel spaces (but not the dragon!), furnaces and metal for forging swords, and even completed swords.

But watch out! When you select a row with a dragon icon, it will breathe fire on you, and you will lose health. Run out of health, and it's game over! Use your swords to destroy all the dragon icons on all wheels to win the game.

Updated Version with some bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and a new "victory point" mechanic. You can now buy laurel slots from the merchant which will give you 1, 2, or 3 victory points to add to your score if you manage to kill the dragon.