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By guerragames Published on Oct 30th, 2017 Last updated on Nov 9th, 2017


Skulldude doesn't remember much, he just feels a deep soul-burning hatred towards the slimes. Help him unleash his wrath as he storms the slimes' dungeon increasing his fiery power as he goes.


  • - shoot fire, hold to auto-fire and move slow
  • - dash forward/become invulnerable for a little bit
  • arrow keys/d-pad - move around


  • Dashing can go through enemies and their bullets. Learn to use it well, it's critical during boss fights.
  • Finishing all enemies in a room makes that room cleared even if you die.
  • Look for suspicious pixels on the map to find secrets.
  • The game can be finished in less than 10 minutes, how fast can you do it?


  • a flaming skull dude
  • 32 rooms filled with lots of slimes, power-ups and secrets
  • 4 boss fights
  • lot of bullets

This is my entry to the #3cjam, it was a lot of fun working on it. Special thanks to enargy for organizing it and the rest of the pico-8 community for being all around plain awesome!

In case it's not obvious, the original Zelda was the main influence making this game.

Enjoy and please don't heasitate to send feedback my way!

Update 1.01 (11/9/2017):

  • upgrade menu now waits a second before a selection can be made, should avoid accidental selections
  • unreachable pickup orbs are now persisted between sessions
  • front end doesn't go crazy anymore after a little while