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Shadows of Dunwich 2.0

By paranoidcactus Published on Apr 25th, 2019 Last updated on May 7th, 2019

With this update the game now progresses across multiple battles, soldiers can level up and have a talent tree, and 2 new enemy types have been added.

The game has 16 levels, and you need to beat level 16 to win. However, levels don't progress 1 at a time, the level you are assigned is based on the combined level of all your soldiers. If a soldier survives a battle they will gain a level and be granted 1 skill point. So if all soldiers survive level 1 you will progress to level 4, if they all survive level 4 you will progress to level 7 etc.. So it's possible to do a perfect run and win the game by playing only 6 battles.

If a player doesn't survive they will be replaced with a new recruit. As you progress through the levels new recruits will start with more skill points so if you lose any soldiers or have a full wipe you won't be set back too far (and you can respec your soldiers).

If you abort a mission after any soldiers have died they will remain dead. However, because the game is only saved between missions you can "save scum" by resetting the cart and continuing the game with all soldiers alive.

X-Com like game with procedurally generated maps that I started developing about 6 months ago. I just came back to it over Easter and finished it off. It uses the same 3D sprite system I developed for Pico Tennis but I ended up making a middleware tool in C# so I could easily build and animate the 3D skeletons for them.

I really wanted to give it a bit more visual flair in a lot of areas as well as add more enemy unit types with different abilities, but I just couldn't afford the tokens. The war on tokens with this one was all too very real.

I had this crazy fantasy when I started that it could have an overworld where you would conquer territory and buy and upgrade units. If I was to do that it'd have to become a duel cart game. I'm not sure how doable that would be, but I think it would ass a lot more fun to game. The outcome of the battles would actually be meaningful and a play session could go from being 10-15 minutes to maybe 2 hours.

Anyway, I'm still pretty pleased with how it turned out. Let me know if there are any issues that need fixing or tweaks you think it could do with.

minor update 1.01

  • added the option to choose number of enemies from the title screen (previous it was always 13)
  • fixed the action popup so it won't go off screen when at the bottom or right of the map
  • enemies will no longer shock a player if they're already shocked

minor update 1.02

  • fixed a grenade bug that was introduced in the previous update

major update 2.0

  • added new basic enemy with only 50 health that doesn't hit very hard
  • added new enemy that that only has 50 health but hits hard and splits into 2 basic enemies when killed
  • added leveling system
  • added talent trees
  • added game saving
  • added a victory screen
  • fixed a bug that caused the red soldier to steal threat when it was the same as other players