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Saint Nick's Dash Away All!

By mhughson Published on Nov 26th, 2018 Last updated on Dec 1st, 2018

Thanks for checking out my entry for our community "Pico-8 Advent Calendar"!

It's a simple "race the clock" arcade game, with the goal of delivering as many presents as possible before sunrise. The entire game only lasts about a minute, with the idea that you will play many times, and try to beat your previous high score.


Design and Code:
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About Pico-8 Advent Calender:

During December, each day will be filled with new and exciting PICO-8 games! We have gathered 25 great developers from the PICO-8 community and we have worked hard to make some new games. Each day leading up to Christmas, there will be a new surprise for you!

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