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Rogue Tower

By Clipper Published on Oct 12th, 2015 Last updated on Oct 19th, 2015


Button 1/Z - Jump
Button 2/X - Give Up
I'm not going to explain the arrow keys.

The game is about jumping up a series of pillars in the clouds. Endlessly. The layout of each level of the "tower" is chosen from a set of premade layouts, or randomly generated.


-You'll wrap around horizontally when you go off the edge of the screen; you'll also need this to get past certain areas.
-The player only collides with the top part of the pillars. The rest of it doesn't matter.
-Item blocks are special blocks that sometimes appear on level-marking platforms (the ones with the tree), and you'll get a bonus when you collect them.
-So far, only the "time stop" block works; It stops the scrolling temporarily, mostly useful at higher levels with faster scroll speeds. The rest of the don't do anything yet, so just ignore them.
-The collision system is a bit buggy atm.
-Input in the web version is slightly laggy.


-Add visual effects for the later levels.
-Add more rooms
-Title screen
-Possibly other stuff


-Added 2 new prefab rooms.
-Added random room generator.
-mapupdate() will also now choose whether to use the room generator or one of the prefabs, so you'll get both.
-The player no longer collides with the bottom or sides of the platforms, only the top. that means they're all jump-through platforms now.
-Introducing Item Blocks; see notes above. I might refine this system later, though.

-Fixed a fatal mistake in the jumping system.