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Reaper Jr

By MaikelOrtega Published on Sep 2nd, 2015 Last updated on Jun 4th, 2016

I'm back! It turns out my game had heavy slowdowns after this several Pico8 updates, but on the other hand I got a bunch of tokens! I optimized the game quite a bit, added a new enemy and more. Still not finished, but I hope I'll be able to play this on a PocketCHIP soon :D

I hope you like it!


You're the son of Death, he is out for holidays, and left you in charge of the whole soul reaping business. But for some reason, the undead got out of their graves and are wreaking havoc.
Your objective is to find all the scattered souls in the graveyard, and to find the source of this madness.

Everytime you die, you will lose a Soul. If you lose all of them, you die for real. Souls are also your score, so the more souls you have when you reach the ending, the better player you are :D

Right now there's no ending, no highscore screen, nothing. But you can still get a bunch of those souls placed on the map.

There are also two Great Souls, hidden in difficult to reach areas. Those are upgrades, that will allow ReaperJr to Double Jump or Charge his scythe and release a special attack.


Arrows to move
Z: Jump. Press again to double jump after getting the Blue Flame upgrade.
X: Attack. Hold for charge attack after getting the Green Flame upgrade.


-Tiles redesigned.
-New enemy: Spinning Flames With A Face On Them (Name is not final. Probably)
-UI elements that show the upgrades you possess.
-You lose souls after dying. If you don't have any when you die, its game over.
-Spikes don't make you lose Hearts anymore. You just die. Don't fall on them.
-Spikes also got a new tile. Way deadlier :D

-Lots of stuff. I won't go into much detail.
-Remade the main song. New song on title screen.
-Ah yeah, there is a title screen :D
-A new zone, the Big Root, which contains the first upgrade of the game: the Green Flame.
-Three new enemies (although one is a palette swap): Franky, Audrey and SuperFranky.
-New mechanic: bullet reflection. Attack an enemy bullet shot by an Audrey to reflect it in the direction you're facing.
-There are ways to deflect them in different directions, but I won't spoil that :D
-Checkpoints. Also you can (and probably will) die now.

-Added Charge attack. Hold down attack until effect and sound changes. You'll have to unlock it on the final game, same as the double jump.
-Buttons have to be pressed down, released and pressed again to work (no more auto-double-jump)
-Added a dramatic pause effect when you hit enemies.
-Added animation for the jump