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By Benjamin Soulé Published on Nov 23rd, 2015 Last updated on Nov 29th, 2015

1.0 Final version for p8jam1
added spark deathh effect+sfx
lots of tweaking on hero/cloud collisions

- [Arrow Key] Move around
- [Z] Jump

--- GOAL
Help the Rainmaker to complete 3 of her 4 duties:
- Collect 3x stars
- Collect  3x lightnings
- Collect  20x flowers
- Achieve 2x duties within 99 seconds
You don't have to achieve them all, so dont worry if time reach 0 You can still collect flower stars and lightnings.

- Flowers on the ground are always visibles regardless of your height
- Water flowers by running on clouds, each raindrop will make flower grow and eventually bloom
- Collect scissor bonus to pick all flowers on screen
- Reach 20x flowers to fulfil one of your duty

- Sparks run around clouds, avoid direct contact with them
- Suppress all cloud parts around a spark to destroy it. Beware of the shock wave !
- Dead sparks will release a lightning bonus

Many thanks to @castpixel who designed the rainmaker sprite and animations. I learn some good tricks about chibi design with this game.