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Quest for Blue

By rotar Published on Mar 17th, 2018 Last updated on Apr 3rd, 2018

This is my first creation. I've picked easy subject to focus on tool and creation.
Hope you like it. Any comments and suggestions kindly appreciated.

I've reached tokens limit, so that is the end of this little project :). Im must admit it was a pleasure to struggle again with low level hardware programming like peek and poke, screen memory, memory addressing.


  • fix: rolled/timed power-up is now turned off at the and of level


  • minor bugs fixed
  • visual effects minor improvements


  • start screen music changed
  • game-over screen background music added
  • fireworks error fixed
  • fade out effect between levels
  • credits scroll fixed


  • particle system improvement
  • CPU heavy load intro code turned off
  • end of level fireworks added


  • improved ricochet angles
  • small UI improvements
  • ball vs player collision improvements
  • extra live powerup added
  • energy initialization fixed


  • added 30fps support for better compatibility with all devices
    (it requires gamespeed variable modification directly in code)
  • times changes for rolled powerups,
  • rolled power ups no longer lasts cross levels
  • fire shot no longer is rolled,
  • player movement is slowed down for improved difficulty
  • mr spot electric simulation improvement
  • multiball is triggered only by primary ball
  • secondary balls collision issue fixed
  • aiming works after sticky hands release the ball
  • missing fade-out effect in instruction screen fixed


  • new game init fixed,
  • added "take me to" functionality