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Puzzle Cave

By hackefuffel Published on Jun 1st, 2015 Last updated on May 22nd, 2016

Episode II is out! -> Puzzle Cave II - The Clone Potatoes


Hey guys,

here is our first Pico-8 game!

Help Pinkbunny to collect all stolen potatoes and save Pinkbunnyland!

Use the arrow keys for movement and X to reset the level if you get stuck.

Please post your total playing time! We're curious how long it might take you to beat the game.

Have fun!

Team Hackefuffel,
gideon & gizmo



1) We needed to change our "bunny:hop()" function to a global "hop()" function.
For some reason that function returns nil in the webplayer?!?.

2) The game is now available under the CC4-ATTR-NC-SA License! \o/

3) We're about to release the second episode! And by popular demand the difficulty level will be *much* higher :D

4) Fixed that nasty sound bug (~_~)\