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Power Earth Saver

By wwwhizz Published on Jul 30th, 2017 Last updated on Aug 14th, 2017

This is my contribution to the Ludum Dare 39 compo. The theme of this LD was Running out of Power.


The year is 3017
Earth is under attack again...
You are the last space pilot.
Unfortunately, your ship has only one generator left..
Choose wisely where you direct its power!

How to play

  • Use <left> and <right> arrow keys to move
  • Use <up> and <down> to select where you direct your power: recharge your cannon, rockets or shield
  • Use <z> to fire your cannon
  • Use <x> to fire your rockets
  • Catch powerups to replenish some power, do more damage, recover faster
  • Note that your cannon is more powerful when fully charged
  • The color of the bullets indicate how much damage they do, same for the enemy's bullets.

Update 1.4: bug fix, enemies aiming bullets are now deleted when off-screen