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By SimonHutchinson Published on Jan 17th, 2018

Hi guys,

I got this Pico-8 game in a random lot on eBay. I couldn’t find it in any of the classic Pico-8 game guides, so it’s probably a bootleg.

I ripped the ROM (since my old Pico-8 system hasn’t worked in ages), and I figured I’d share it here since one of you guys must know about these obscure cartridges. I can’t tell if it the game is corrupted or if that’s how it’s meant to be.

Enjoy! Multiple endings, surrealist horror, and a bumping soundtrack (available for free download here).

All that aside, great thanks to:

@Synth_dfr for the music corruptor -
@willwilliams68k for the glitchy static effect -
and of course @zeb for all of the wisdom from JELPI
...but somehow I still didn't get the controls feeling as good.