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By Elastiskalinjen Published on Sep 17th, 2017 Last updated on Dec 10th, 2017 162


MOVE: arrow keys

Some small tips to help you

  • You always take one step, then all enemies takes their coresponding steps. Making a move does not count as a step, so use this to you advantage!

  • To turn around use the first move!

  • Keys open doors, however this is not the only way to go to next level, bombs works great!

  • Green potions gives you a random power to use so grab them if you can!

  • Crabs only takes one step so I would recommend to not use any weapons to destroy them.

  • The red mouth traps can hurt both you and enemies so be careful!

  • Snakes moves like towers in chess!

  • Towers only shoot if there are enemies on the level!


Don't do a big game in PICO-8. Or rather if you are going to do a bigger game you have to plan ahead!
This turned out fine, but so many ideas got removed because of I thought this was going to be a small project so I thought I did not need to have nice code structure. So much hackish code ... (pls do not read the code :D)

But I still think it is possible to do rougelikes in PICO-8 and I hope more in the community make them!


  • No chrash when placing bombs outside of map
  • New sprite on item pickup
  • Fixed instant win bug
  • Small fixes

Stay awesome!