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Picotris Attack

By stevelavietes Published on Dec 21st, 2015 Last updated on Mar 1st, 2017

v1.02 notes:
- Add more celebration sfx (trumpets) for big chains, depending on chain reaction length
- One-player scoring is scaled by the initial difficulty selection
- No garbage blocks fall in easy mode
- Fixes crashing and correctness bugs (Thanks everyone for testing!)
- Outstanding issue: some match correctness issues for blocks sandwiched between garbage remain

v1.01 notes:
- difficulty balance
- single player scoring and high score table
- additional juice

Feedback appreciated.

Picotris Attack is an implementation of the SNES classic competitive puzzle game.

How to play:
Clear blocks to prevent the stack from rising to the top.

Use button 2 to swap the tiles covered by the cursor. Tiles may be swapped with empty space for vertical movement. Use button 1 to manually raise the stack.

Matching at least 3 tiles of the same color (either horizontally or vertically) will clear the tiles. Matching more than 3 tiles at once -- or via chain reactions caused by falling tiles -- will send "garbage" blocks to your opponent's stack. (In 1-player, the blocks are instead sent to your garbage block score in the top-right corner of the screen.) Garbage blocks can only be broken by matching adjacent regular tiles.

Special "attack" tiles (gray with a !) are added to the rising stack at random. Matching 3 or more of these will send special garbage blocks which do not break along with adjacent standard garbage blocks. They may be cleared in the same way, though.

The 1-player game is fun and addictive but the 2-player game is where it really shines.

This was developed along with @stephan_gfx.