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By 2Tie Published on Aug 6th, 2016

Thought I might as well put up my WIP on today, Metroid's 30th anniversary. PICOROID is an endeavor of mine to try and replicate the original FDS game as much as possible, though i recognize it'd be quite an endeavor to try and fit all the coding within the token limits, so I suppose i should call this a tech demo more than anything. I started this up on May 30th and been working on it on and off since then. This definitely isn't a stopping point, my goal before I take a break from this is to get the entirety of Brinstar in a playable form, with all the mechanics that come along with it. Currently, you can 'progress' to bombs, but the elevator rooms and the bridge room to Tourian will crash it, along with anything up near Varia. Ice beam should be in here too? Maybe? I can't quite remember at this point. Enemies have quite a few bugs with them (notably, wavers are complete broken), but overall it should be playable. 100% at this point would be morph ball, bombs, 5 missiles, 2 E-tanks, and 'Ice Beam'.

Looking forward, I'd like to make enemies killable, freezable, and usable as platforms, and then add in the rest of the rooms, make more sound effects (damage for player and enemies, FDS door sound, low health beeping), then finally put in a menu and add in death. After that, disable the system pause button whenever ingame and use THAT for missile swap while adding upwards aiming to the up button. Assets-wise everything i need is already in the cart, and everything i couldn't fit in for other areas in an auxiliary cart, the only real barrier here is the token limit. All room data and enemy data is as compressed as I could make it, improving upon he compression used by the actual NES release in a byte-to-byte comparison by a bit.

Periodic progress videos can be found on my channel.