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Pico Racer

By kometbomb Published on Apr 10th, 2016 Last updated on Apr 29th, 2016


Here's my first game for Pico-8 and it's a Pole Position/Enduro/OutRun derivative. You might have already played it on my page.


* Day and night
* Three landscapes
* Obstacles and jumps
* A strict time limit
* See how well you did in the course map overview
* Really messy source code
* Terrible sound

I wrote something about it in my blog and if you have something to ask about it I will gladly answer here.

Edit: I'd like to mention I used the ord() function found here, it was a lifesaver.

Update: Now saves high score only when returning to title screen, would continuously write on disk otherwise (due to changes in 0.1.6)