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Pico Factory

By caranha Published on Dec 11th, 2016 Last updated on Jan 8th, 2017

My first complete PICO8 game, for the Ludum Dare 37.

A small twist on the "factory" genre, you have a limited time to
play, and must make as much money as possible in that time.
What is the optimal build order?

If you enjoy this cart, submit a screenshot with your highscore! :-)

2016-01-08: v1.3.1 -- Fixed menu bug, added bignum, super-buffed sandwiches
2016-12-25: v1.3 -- Rebalanced costs, added two new items, added overwriting
2016-12-19: v1.2 -- Changed the input, added some messages
2016-12-12: v1.1 -- Initial ld 37 version

* Add Music
* Modify the Graph to be log-based
* Challenge Modes: Blocked tiles, unique machines, free build mode
* Improve sprites and add tile variations
* Figure out why the game is getting slow