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Pew Pew

By jasonfrowe Published on Oct 15th, 2016 Last updated on Oct 21st, 2016

First time programming a game. Decided to try making a space shooter. My inspiration came from old arcade games such as Bostonian.

Aim of the game is to protect the planet that looks like Earth.

-Your ship can travel is 8 directions.
-main weapon (z) is unlimited
-secondary weapon (x) is limited to 3 shots.
-top right bar (green) is ship health
-blue bar is planet health.
-the green box will blink red when enemy ships are close to the planet
-if you are in the dark-blue zone around the planet your health increases
-planet health will regenerate

-green generation stations generate small fighters and larger battlestations
-red text in top left gives number of generation stations left.
-small yellow fighters attack your ship with a laser inflicting minimal damage
-larger yellow battle stations fire larger bullets inflicting more damage
-battle stations only move when fighters are close to the planet

-mini-map shows your location in red, generation stations in green and battle stations in yellow
-map has periodic boundary conditions - so you fly through and end up on the opposite side of the map

-you can find behind the planet as a temporary shield
-early in the game try to destroy green stations that are very far away
-if you collide with an enemy you take some damage but become temporarily invincible.

v1.8 update:
-odd local-var problem with high-scores resolved
-added explosions when home planet is hit.

v1.7 update:
-another fix to the high-scores. I think it's working now :-)

v1.6 update:
-fixed high-scores to work when you lose :-(

v1.5 update:
-high-scores are now saved
-point-score dependent on difficulty level
-new win/lose screens

v1.4 update:

-tweaked enemy speed and regeneration rate for easy/medium levels for better game balance


-clean-up for endgame screens and time-outs.

v1.2 update:

- there is now an end-game screen.
- menu choice of easy, medium or hard

v1.1 update:

- moved mini-map to lower level. Sprites no longer hidden
- reduced number of background stars/fighters to reduce CPU load
- added CPU limits for bullet/enemy generation
- added warning sound/visual when low on energy