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By stevelavietes Published on Feb 11th, 2017 Last updated on Feb 20th, 2017

1.03 changes block switching behavior so that switching from an active but ill-fitting block will stow the intersecting blocks beneath instead of the active block.

1.02 update offers modest difficulty relief via visual indication of enclosed spaces which aren't sized to fit blocks.

PENTOMINO is tile fitting game featuring a handful of easy-to-moderate puzzles followed by hundreds of nearly impossible ones.

Move, rotate and flip blocks to fill the board. Follow the in-game tutorial for interface details.

With 512 puzzles total, there are years of frustration to be had. If you get stuck on a level, try another.

Made in collaboration with @stephan_gfx

(Renamed from PICOMINO as we didn't notice an existing game of that that title)