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By Milkymalk Published on Jan 1st, 2017

A remake/demake (plus a few new features) of one of my childhood favourites on the C64, "Tapper". It's my first attempt at making something with Pico-8, but it has been extensively tested by myself so hopefully I caught all bugs.

The barebones version was done in one day (got up, started programming, went to bed). Sound, extra graphics, little features and additional animations took three more days.

Manual included in the cart. Enjoy! (and maybe submit your highscores /w difficulty)

Full Manual:

Because stuff has been missed, I'm writing a full explanation of all features here.

You use Z to tap a beer. Holding the button will fill the glass, releasing it will send the beer across the table. The fuller the glass is, the more the receiving patron will be knocked back. If all patrons are knocked out of the bar, you win the level.
Patrons have to be fully inside to catch the glass (nobody likes being served while he hasn't even entered yet). Any glass that is not caught will smash and lose you a life.

When they finish drinking, they send the glass back to you. You have to either catch them, giving you a fresh glass (or loses you life if you fail to), or have the waitress collect them, which is convenient, but gives no points and you have to wait for her to return to receive the glasses.

You send the waitress by pressing X next to the bell at the bottom.

When the barrel is empty or close to empty (3 pixels of beer left), you press X while next to it to order a fresh one.

- Always have the waitress running, especially after level 2! You will need the glasses and can't afford to wait for them.
- The waitress also saves you from moments when two empty glasses arrive at the same time.
- You don't need to always send a full glass. If the patron is near the left end, a half-full glass will be faster and use up less of the barrel.
- At 3 pixels left in the barrel, you can get about one and a half glass out. Think of this as an emergency reserve and get a new barrel as soon as you can.