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By NuSan Published on Apr 10th, 2016 Last updated on Jul 9th, 2016

P.Craft is a crafting game. You wake up on a deserted island, and you have to survive. Gather materials and build your tools. Explore the area and find a cave. Will you find a way to escape the island ?

Controls :
Button 1 (C/Z/N) : open inventory / cancel menu
Button 2 (V/X/M) : use equiped item / valid menu

The game is heavily inspired by Notch's Ludum Dare entry "Minicraft" witch seemed a perfect idea for pico 8

Quick start if needed :
- Start by punching one or two trees.
- Avoid zombies (water is you friend)
- Open your inventory and select the workbench
- Place the workbench on the ground
- Use the workbench to craft a wood haxe
- Select the wood haxe in your inventory
- Cut trees until you can craft a sword on the workbench
- Search the island until you find a cave opening
- You can pickup your workbench again to move it near the cave
- Your goal now is to craft a boat
- Be carefull