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By Jusiv Published on Dec 22nd, 2017

CAUTION: Some areas in this game cause a significant flickering effect.

NULL is a surreal adventure game. What you see in the end depends on what you can find on the way.
A 100% playthrough can be completed in 10-15 minutes, if you know where everything is.

This is my third full Pico-8 game (not counting stuff from game jams)! I made it over the course of November and December 2017. All assets and code are my own work.

If you want to see more of my stuff, check out my Twitter: @Jusiv_


  • Arrows: Move
  • Z/X/C: Interact


  • There are two types of things to find. Each area has exactly one of each.
  • Some hidden things will only appear once you've reached the end of an area.
  • If you get totally stuck, maybe try resting for a minute.
  • This won't help you progress, but maybe play this: Messages. It might be significant.

v1.0 - Initial Release - 12/22/2017
v1.1 - Minor Tweaks - 12/22/2017