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By guerragames Published on Aug 9th, 2016 Last updated on Aug 11th, 2016

NIJI - A Colorful Rainbow One-Dimensional Action Match-3 Puzzle Game

Music was highly influenced by the Moon Theme of the NES Duck Tales game.

- press up/down to make your fire flower line change lanes in the rainbow
- press <z> to go faster
- catch incoming flowers by touching them with your fire flower line
- use left/right to highlight a flower in the line
- press <x> to select it and move it around with left/right
- press <x> again to place it
- match 3 flowers of the same color to explode them and earn score points
- the more flowers you explode in a single move the more points they're worth
- if you miss catching a flower, it'll get added to the back of the file in a frozen state
- only way to unfreeze a frozen flower is to explode another flower next to it

I still have a few improvements I want to add but since it's past the #AGBICjam's deadline I figured I would post it here as well.  Feel free to give feedback or suggestions for improvement.