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Mr. Beam

By Benjamin Soulé Published on May 7th, 2015

Hello this is the third and probably my last entry for More Is Better Jam. ( I have to leave until next week)
This one is still unfinished, I wanted to add a progression system with powerup unlocks.
As a result the late levels are quite difficult since you will have to play them without the powerups.

Instructions :
- Save the 32 Files left on your computer by fighting viruses waves with your sweet laser beam and shiny green armor
- The laser beam always target the grey ring
- You can't move the ring, it moves by itself and will probably do it in the direction you dont want it to.
- Your laser beam consume energy : no energy = no laser beam
- Refill your energy by approaching the ring. It works only if you dont fire.

Controls :
- <arrow> keys : move around
- hold <z> : fire beam