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By oinariman Published on Sep 30th, 2016 Last updated on Dec 30th, 2016

A short demo top-down shooter whereby players control a cannon-equipped bipedal walking machine on the moon, battling against AI foes.


Direction keys: Movement
z: Jump
x: Press lightly to Fire/Press and hold to rotate cannon/Start game


Upper left number: Energy
Middle: Radar
Upper right sequence of points: Remaining ammo
Bottom right: Remaining destinations

- Your energy will gradually decline over time or due to damage.
- When your energy level reaches 0, the game is over.
- By firing while you are jumping, you can use the recoil to make quick moves.
- By standing on top of the power panel, the switch is turned on, and your ammo and energy will be replenished.
- The machine #2 has not a canon but a sword.