610 games and counting


By krajzeg Published on May 8th, 2016

So, I just recently heard about PICO-8 and fell in love with the concept, especially since a lot of my game-related projects recently end up crumbling under their own weight. Thankfully, there is no way to do that to yourself with the constraints of the Pico, so I hope to finish a few small games for it to get my groove back :).

This is my first Pico project. It's just a Minesweeper clone - I wanted to start with a known quantity just to get a feel for Lua and the API. I figured that in the unlikely event that the Pico becomes a hit handheld console, at least all those Minesweeper fans will have an implementation ready to go.

Then I found about the search function in splore and realized that somebody already made one :). Well, I guess there is two to choose from now :).