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Micro RTS

By gfcarstensen Published on Dec 30th, 2016 Last updated on Jan 5th, 2017

Battle your computer opponent to the death. Build and upgrade your defences, attack enemy towers and explore the procedurally generated world. Win by defeating all enemy towers.

Your minions harvest wood. Use this to build new towers or upgrade existing ones.
Select your tower once warriors are present and target an enemy tower to attack.

A button/Z key - build or select
B button/X key - cancel command, or if on your own tower upgrade it.
A button - double click on tower - transfer warriors from one tower to another

Note once you've selected towers the cursor goes red, this means you must select either enemy towers to attack or your own towers to get more warriors involved or to transfer. Click the X key (B button) to cancel out, and be able to build again (notice cursor goes yellow).


To build a new tower - move the cursor using the D-Pad or arrow keys to the location you like- ideally near a forest and press the A button (z key). You can only build bases on green grass land. Note the grey fog of war will disappear revealing more of the map as you build out towers and as your minions roam further.

Two minions spawn per base and will chop down trees and bring it back to it's home tower. If this tower is destroyed, the minions die as well.

Each tower will produce 1 warrior per wood contained directly in the tower. Move your cursor over your tower to see it's statistics. When you first build a tower, it starts at level 1 and can house only 4 warriors. You can upgrade a tower (if you have enough wood - 4 to get to level 2, and then 8 to get to level 3) by moving the cursor to the tower and pressing the B button (X key). While upgrading you can't attack from the base and new warriors won't spawn. However upgraded towers can hold more wood, and spawn more warriors.

To attack the enemy, select a tower with the cursor and press the A button (Z key). The cursor will turn red. You may now select an enemy tower to send half your warriors. Press the button repeatedly to send more warriors - it will always leave 1 back at the home tower. Note you can select multiple towers to send minions from. So select your source towers first (where the warriors will come from), then select the single enemy target.

Also you can transfer warriors from one tower to another. To transfer, select one of your bases with lots of warriors then select a tower with room to spare for more warriors, and double click the A button (Z key) on the destination tower. This will transfer half- double click again to transfer more.

You win by defeating all enemy towers.

Updates Jan 5-2017

1. Changed computer/AI opponent to also use fog of war rules.
2. Adjusted AI logic to not build it's own towers so close together
3. Adjusted AI to attack from multiple towers more often when it outnumbers you substantially. Less stalemate outcomes arise then.
4. Made it visible which towers had been selected when transferring warriors or attacking.

Updates Jan 4-2017

1. Fixed fog bug (was off by 4 pixels)

Updates Jan 2-2017

1. Path finding (uses A* algorithm, so no more lost minions)
2. Improved fog/visuals - thanks to Offler for the pretty fog
3. Hard mode is much harder now
4. Computer will attack in a wider radius if there is not activity for extended periods