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Micro Pico

By RhythmLynx Published on Apr 17th, 2016

I made this game for Low Rez Jam 2016 where the goal was to make a 64x64 game. I figured that was too many pixels so I made a collection of 20x20 microgames instead! I made one game a day for two weeks, April 1st - 14th. Here's the page for the game.

Games get harder with each level and unfortunately a lot of them will become impossibly difficult - balancing 14 games is pretty time consuming! I used 6590/8192 tokens and a decent chunk of the spritesheets (though a lot of what's there wasn't used). The screen mode hack found by sta64 forces the resolution from 128x128 to 64x64.

Things I'd like to add when I have time:
- Menu music
- Level win/fail music
- In-game music which speeds up with the gameplay
- Sound effects for all the games
- Practice mode for trying each game